Designer and founder Maria Ana Moura, an international citizen in the truest sense, was born in Germany, grew up in Switzerland and lived in Costa Rica, Barcelona, New York, LA and Brazil. She boasts a diverse background in graphic design and art direction in addition to fashion design graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York City. Fluent in six languages and a lover of nature, the exotic and the wild, she believes deeply in sustainability and social responsibility in her design and business process and takes this into account with every partnership she builds. MAMAZOO, the culmination of her artistic passions and vast creative experience, was founded in 2012. Maria Ana Moura currently lives and works between Caraíva and Floripa.  Besides her swimwear business she also owns two bungalows on the beach of Caraíva, Bahia, available to rent @bangalosmamazoo.



Anna's story with Mamazoo began in April 2019 when she visited Caraíva for the first time and was a guest at @bangalosmamazoo. She liked the village so much that in July of the same year she moved to Caraíva. That's when, in addition to being a guest and client, she became a loyal friend of Mamazoo! Anna is a mixture of Bahia and Japan, graduated in Business Administration for International Trade from Universidade Mackenzie and specialized in Positive Psychology at Temple University, in Tokyo. She has lived in countries like Japan, USA and Australia and loves to travel and get to know other cultures. Since May 2020 she has joined the Mamazoo team and is our partner in managing websites and social media. It's so amazing to have women like Anna with us - professional, enterprising, creative, competent and a true friend. She is much loved and admired by the Mamazoo family!



Ale first visited Caraíva in May 2019 when she was in Bahia for the first time and fell in love with life on the sand and its simplicity. One of the things she was most enchanted by was seeing the magic of the river turning into the sea every day. At that time, she lived in São Paulo and started visiting Caraíva every month to recharge her energies in nature. The connection with the place was so strong that Ale definitely moved to Vila in March 2020, just before the start of the pandemic. It was during this period that she and Anna became close and that the Mamazoo family met her as well. In February 2020 Ale became a partner of the brand in the administrative and sales area. It's wonderful to see the team grow with women who are beloved friends! Ale is always taking care of the team and the gang with lots of affection and love! Thank you for being part of this journey Ale !