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Environmental friendly, how ?

We work with textiles made of Amni Soul Eco®, the world’s first biodegradable polyamide yarn. Once it is worn out and ends up on the landfill, it will turn into biomass within 28 month instead of 11 years.

Our printed suits are made with a yarn that is made out of recycled PET bottles.

Our Patters are digitally printed with water-based ink, free from heavy metals.

The amount of water used with digital printing is ten times less when compared to the traditional printing process.

Today, 95% of the waste generated in the company where the fabric is manufactured, is destined for recycling.

Our care labels are made of paper. They usually shrivel up after a few washes but because they end up being cut out anyways we thought it was the best sustainable solution.

We never negotiate prices in any part of the making. We pay the full price in all of the steps.

We keep all of the scraps of fabric and produce size xs and s pieces in triangle tops and string tie bottoms.


Who makes your suits and where ?

Our suits are sewn by a team of talented seamstresses we very much admire, lead by Taysa in Floripa, in the south of Brazil.  


Where does the material come from ?

The fabric and elastics we work with are made in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The care labels and hang tags are made by a small family owned business in Floripa.


What suits are biodegradable ?

All our solid colored suits, self and lining are made with Amni Soul Eco®,the world’s first biodegradable polyamide yarn.

For our printed suits, only the lining is biodegradable at this point because we have not yet reached the high minimum amount that has to be ordered for this specific material in print version, but we are almost there and we can not wait. #transparency


Is your packaging environmental friendly ?

Yes. We pack our suits with clear bags made with 100% recycled content made by Eco Enclose @ecoenclose and biodegradable logo stickers made by @noissueco. ( When in Brooklyn, we drop off your orders at the post office by bike )


Where are you based ?

At this moment in time we are based in Bahia, Brazil. It is also where we hold our stock and from where we ship. If you find a grain of sand in your package it is because we live and work on the beach front.


Where else do you sell ?

We sell in Caraiva at our Bangalos MAMAZOO and on the beautiful island of Holbox in Mexico. What a place and what a shop. Please visit: @lebazaarholbox