The Sewing School project was conceived by @julia.chama and is performed by @chama.ateliecaraiva in partnership with the NGO @caraivavivašŸ‡§šŸ‡· Its objective is to professionalize people from the community and region who are interested and available to work with sewing and undertake in the area. The School receives donations for the purchase of equipment, tools, fabrics and trimmings and the classes are completely free with courses for beginners and advanced, recycling and follow-up for graduated students and modeling. In 2022, the aim is to equip the School to offer a space for students to develop their personal projects outside of class time; opening up opportunities for hiring monitors; meet demands from stores, brands, inns and restaurants in the region; and carry out adjustments, repairs and customization of parts. We are immensely happy to support this cause with monthly financial donations, as the work carried out by seamstresses is extremely valuable to us and we have fewer and fewer professionals in the market. We want to encourage the School and the profession to show people that it is a high potential career and not an undervalued and poorly paid job as many other brands use and support.
We hope that more people fall in love with and dedicate themselves to the beautiful art of sewing.
We invite you to learn more about the Sewing School
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