Mamazoo is part of @seloeureciclo, this means that the company invests resources in the recycling chain through the environmental compensation of waste. According to the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) every consumer goods company has the obligation to correctly dispose of at least 22% of its post-consumer packaging and environmental compensation is a solution found to comply with this law as it guarantees recycling. of an item identical in weight and material to the one generated by the company. The result is a lower negative impact of discarded waste on the environment and the strengthening of the recycling industry in the country. Mamazoo compensates the equivalent of 200% of its waste instead of 22% as required by law because it believes in the strength and importance of this movement that already has +4500 brands, +190 thousand consumers and +290 thousand tons compensated. #mamazoocuida #brandtransparency